YSL La Laque Beige Chiffon/Beige Mousseline

YSL La Laque Beige Chiffon/Beige Mousseline

I’m on a bit of a vintage trip, digging out stuff I had even before I ran this blog. One of them is this nail polish:

This is from YSL in their old design: thinner, longer and the shade name is not on the front. I like their current design better. It’s more compact and you can easily find the shade name. This nail polish is N° 41 Beige Chiffon/Beige Mousseline. I am wearing three coats plus top coat. I prefer to use two color coats, but this one just won’t have it, it’s always uneven with two. The color itself is a pretty perfect nude, pulling more orange or more pink depending on light. I had some chipping on day two (boo) but after that it stuck around unchanged until day five, which was when it gave up.

It’s a pretty color, but honestly you’re not missing that much. The brand’s current nail polish formula (La Laque Couture) is better imo. There is no exact match for this color, though. I think the new nr 41 is a soft pink.


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