Tarte Shape Tape Foundation – not a review

Tarte Shape Tape Foundation – not a review

You may have seen this picture floating about on the internet:

This picture is from PopSugar and shows the shade range of the new Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. The color range is a bit, hm, well…

Many things have been said already and I don’t think you need me, the pasty girl, to say more, on the other hand I wanted to make a post on it because I find it mind boggling. How do you come up with such a range and think, yes, good? So instead of blabbing more I’d like to link you to some great videos on the topic:

Jackie Aina and Alyssa Ashley are mind boggled as well.

Alyssa Ashley gives an honest review and then names some brands who have a better range.

Ronkeraj spills the tea.

Patricia Bright explains the problem very eloquently. She also names brands with good shade ranges.

Alright, I’m gonna stop here. To add my two cents, the problem isn’t just that there are only 15 shades, the problem is the distribution of those shades from light to dark. Plus that this was a very hyped release of a big brand and until all hell broke loose, they sort of pretended like this was inclusive and that’s what makes so many people mad. Their apology and explanation was the typical sort of fauxpology that just makes everything worse, too.


5 thoughts on “Tarte Shape Tape Foundation – not a review

  1. What a terrible way to launch a product, especially an extension of an already beloved product! I’d never tried the concealer – I really was planning on buying both the concealer and foundation with this launch but now I’m not interested.


  2. I don’t agree with how all of this is being handled. I also feel like there are HUNDREDS of popular brands that have shit shade ranges and no one seems to be saying anything. My perspective is boycott all or boycott none. Their mistake was Flagged and they are making corrections. I can’t get over this community lately and their pitch forkery.

    I find it very frustrating.


  3. It’s not a matter of telling people of any colour how to feel or react. To me it’s just, if there is an issue in the industry it should be addressed, the entire responsibility shouldn’t only fall on one brand.


    1. well people are adressing it and yes, other brands get called out as well, like I’ve seen Physician’s Formula and Charlotte Tilbury pointed out and that’s just off the top of my head.

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