Madonna Truth or Dare

Madonna Truth or Dare

I think two years ago I did not even know what tuberose was. One year ago I knew how it smelled like and thought it was good, but too heavy for me. Today… not only do I like it now, I own several tuberose heavy scents.

That I own Madonna Truth or Dare EdP is an accident, though. A friend thought she was ordering the flanker which smells completely different only to open it and realize it was the regular one. So it was passed down to me. I remember trying it in the store before and it being way too heavy. I thought it was the tuberose but today I think it might have been the vanilla. Truth or Dare is a combination of tuberose and vanilla. Each of those alone can have strong character, together they are quite the diva scent. Through in some sweet amber and you can see how past me and probably several other people can find it overwhelming. But since I got used to it now I find it quite wearable – one spray is enough, though!

Not only is the scent quite strong, it also lasts half an eternity. Or at least 12 hours.

This is certainly one of the better celebrity scents and used to be easily available for cheap. I’m not sure, to be honest, if it is still available? But if it is and you like the idea of flowers with a lot of vanilla/vanillary amber, this is a good choice.

Truth or Dare was released in 2012.

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