Guerlain Insolence

Guerlain Insolence

I hear the Pantone color of the year is Ultraviolet. Except, when you look at their colored square, it seems just plain violet to me? Well, whatever floats their boat. Last year I posted my fav color combinations. This year I like them all, so I’ll just link to the official site instead: here. You’ll have to scroll down a bit to the combinations.

I hope we get some lovely nail polish collections out of that. But it’s friday, so let’s talk about perfume!

This sculptural thingy here is Guerlain‘s Insolence EdP. It was released in 2008, perfumer is Maurice Roucel. The EdP followed the EdT released in 2006.  So this year we celebrate the ten year anniversary of the EdP. Very recently Guerlain has repackaged several of their perfumes, including Insolence. They are now only available in frosted bee bottles. While the bee bottles are very pretty, it also means no more 30 ml sizes. So, just like I did with all the L’Artisans I own, I snagged up the old bottle when it went for cheap. I’m not sure if I’ll do it with the others, too. Maybe Samsara.

Many fans of Insolence are sad to see the special bottle go. Personally, I’m not overly atached to bottle designs. As far as I can tell from testers, the juice remained unchanged, so it seems this was only a repackaging so far, not a reformulation (yet).

Insolence is a violet perfume. It’s a powedery, intense violet. I think back when they released it – and maybe still today, violet was suuuper old fashioned. And Guerlain was like, so what and released a super intense violet. Those were the days. The EdT, which I am not reviewing because I don’t have it, is sweeter. The EdP is mostly powedry flowers: violet, iris, a tiny hint of orange blossom. There’s a tonka bean in the base (well, it’s a Guerlain) but this stays a violet through and through.

A single spray of this is enough to fumigate a whole room. It lasts up to twelve hours, usually there’s no need to reapply. It’s also pretty distinct, everyone who ever knowingly smelled Insolence will recognize it. However, not enough people wear it to make it annoyingly familiar (hello, LVEB).

I love it, because it makes no compromise. It doesn’t chase after trends.

I suggest you try it carefully, because this is a love it or hate it thing and you wouldn’t want to run around with an intense scrubber on your wrist.

One thought on “Guerlain Insolence

  1. I also don’t feel the name “ultraviolet” matches the shade. I expected ultraviolet to be more vibrant and saturated tone with a bluish hue. But what do I know?
    I love Guerlain Insolence! I have both the original Insolence and Insolence Eau Glacee. The original is very strong – I have to spray it away from me and only walk into the mist or else it’s overpowering all day. I really love violet scents.


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