All Used Up December 2017

All Used Up December 2017

And here’s the final post of my empties for 2017! It’s only skin care this time.

I am super late to the sheet mask trend, mostly because I don’t really use a whole lot of masks at all. Of course, that makes sheet masks especially useful, since they’re a one use product, meaning it won’t go bad on you. The brand here is La Juice, which I’ve never heard of before, but then I basically don’t know any of those sheet mask brands. I’m also not sure which of the words printed on there is the name of the product itself? Whatever. It was super easy to put on and then I looked like a mummy sitting around soaking the goodness up. It left me very hydrated when I took the sheet off. I’m not sure if it had any other effect than that, maybe it was a bit calming. See, this is my general problem with masks. Since you don’t use them everyday, how do you even tell if they work? In my opinion masks are only good for intense hydration for a few hours. This is what I got from the mask, and as such I’d say it was a good mask.

Same brand, La Juice, this time a purple mask I used a while later. The effect was in my opinion exactly the same: intense hydration for a short while, maybe calming. That’s it. The one on top claims to be anti aging, this one claims to help with skin elasticity. I don’t know, kids, it was just a one time use. I still have one more of the same brand to use and I might repurchase these, on the other hand there are so many sheet masks out there… Also I have some other masks to use up so for now I won’t repurchase any.

And we’re already halfway through the post. I used up a full size Balea body lotion called You Are Gold. This was LE and is not available anymore. It included fine golden shimmer and was a bit sticky. And the smell took me a while to decode until it hit me – it smells like Mugler Angel! Honestly that was a bit much for me so even if it were still available I wouldn’t buy it again.

And the other one is a sample of Vichy Ideal Body Lait-serum. It was only enough for a single use so I can’t say much. It was okay but it didn’t fill me with the desire to run out and buy a full size. It was a bit too thin for december weather, too.

You know I’m thinking of throwing away all my sample sachets. You don’t get a whole lot out of them anyway, they’re a pain to rip open and take a lot of space in storage since they don’t stack properly. This might be a good new year’s resolution. I have enough stuff to use, even if I throw away those. I’ll keep every sample that comes in a proper bottle.

Apart from that I am still on shower gel no buy, although I am steadily working through the backlog. I would have been much farther if I hadn’t broken the no buy for some unicorn shower gels last year, though.

In fact right now I am on compete skin care no buy, including face products. These things just somehow magically appear in my drawers, I swear. I am allowed to buy one item if there is only one single back up of the same type left. 🙂 Wait, no. I am allowed to buy one of the same if I open the last back up, that’s more like it.


2 thoughts on “All Used Up December 2017

  1. Are you glad you’ve jumped on the sheet mask trend? Some days I think they’re so wasteful but I do love the whole experience of them even if the results are temporary like with most masks.
    Haha I love you’re rationalizing your skincare purchases at the end there! 😆

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    1. sheet masks work so well. I’m not super big on masks as a whole, but they are so easy to use. and like I said, if you buy a pot and then not use it up it was wasteful, too. *shrug*

      I may be thinking too much on this. XD


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