OPI I’m not really a waitress

OPI I’m not really a waitress

So this is cleary a pic I took during december. It shows two coats of OPI nailpolish in the color I’m not really a waitress. This is an older OPI and a classic. It is also more liquid than I expected, resulting in flooded cuticles. 😦 But I guess that’s my fault. Should have been more careful.

The color itself is beautiful, a deep red with red shimmer. The polish lasted the usual three days without tip wear and then some minor tip wear. This is what I always get from OPI when wearing polish whithout top coat. My new year’s resolution is finally start wearing top coat, so in the future the wear time might change. But first we’ll have to slog through the polishes I wore in december. 🙂


2 thoughts on “OPI I’m not really a waitress

  1. This is a classic! I believe this was my very first OPI nail polish because I’d read about it in a magazine. It applies so nicely too and I think looks good on everyone!
    I’m still shocked people don’t apply top coat… the fast dry top coats not only help nail polish to last long but also dries them faster!

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    1. the color is so pretty!

      I am so annoyed that my nail polish lasts forever with top coat on tbh. also had bad experiences with quick dry top coat, making manicure look streaky and uneven and last less long because the polish popped right off.
      but polish looks better with thick top coat on and I accumulated so many bottles, so from now on top coat it is.


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