Lolita Lempicka Sweet

Lolita Lempicka Sweet

Sooo, when I got Lolita Lempicka EdP I did a double tap and snatched up this one here, too, just in case they would vanish again. They were 50% off, so it was really two for the price of one. 🙂

Sweet EdP by Lolita Lempicka was released in 2014, perfumer is Anne Flipo. Don’t get it confused with its 2016 flanker, called So Sweet, which looks similar, but smells differently. Anne Flipo has created many masterpieces and also many sweet smelling bestsellers, sometimes those categories even overlap.

Sweet is really the sort of perfume I usually hate. The name is program, it’s a sticky sweet synthetic thing. Yet it’s nowhere near as screechy as LVEB (also by Flipo) or as annoying as Manifesto (also Flipo). It’s cherry candy with a little bit of cocoa later on, elegant iris (??? how does that even work), and as base some musk and cashmeran. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a masterpiece – I mean it’s a bright red cherry candy bottle and it smells like that, too. I think the Lolita Lempicka EdP is more of an intriguing thing, more complex, so if I’d call any Lempicka perfume a masterpiece it would be that one. But damn, if Sweet isn’t a real good drugstore perfume. Many drugstore perfumes, even those that cost far more, have a terrible cheap base like thin fabric softener. This one has actual quality base to it. If I put Sweet in a LPRN bottle and told you it was the newest flanker, you’d believe me. You would hate the perfume, because for a Guerlain it’d be terrible, but you would believe me.

But still, only try this if sticky sweet cherry with cocoa sounds like a good idea to you. Otherwise, stay away.

For me I’m wearing it when it’s sub-zero Celsius. When it’s warm, it’s a bit much. But I’ll totally keep it.

2 thoughts on “Lolita Lempicka Sweet

    1. oh no, in this case stay far away from that one.
      I think the 50% off was totally a con. I would have never bought it, but then my brain was like ‘but it’s only half the priiiiice’.


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