essence my love diary

essence my love diary

I’m still catching up on my nail polish posts, so here you have a mani monday:

This is essence the gel nail polish in the color 48 my love diary. This was included in last year’s advent calendar, which is why there’s a gingerbread man on it. Minus that sticker this nail polish should be available in their normal range.

The nail polish is a lovely dusty pink, not quite red, not quite mauve. It’s hard to describe but looks very lovely when worn. The pic was taken in direct sunlight and as such pulls a little yellow. Shown in the pic are as per usual two coats and no top coat. The polish applied easily and lasted for three days with minor tip wear.

I think this is the last item from last year’s calendar that I’ll review. Overall I was very pleased with it, some duds but mostly good stuff. Sadly this year had several repeat products so I didn’t buy it. This year I bought the Essie calendar instead which means there’ll be a lot of Essie swatches coming up in 2018. (I also got a Balea skin care calendar. Those items will only show up in used up posts.)


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