Chanel Coco EdT

Chanel Coco EdT

Just like No 5, Coco is a massive pillar in Chanel‘s perfume catalogue. It was released in 1984, perfumer is Jacques Polge. I suppose Coco was a smash hit because it’s still going pretty strong. Even if you don’t know what it smells like, you’ve probably smelled it without noticing. The lasting power of it is near endless. On skin you’ll wash it off but if you get it on a scarf or a jacket you’ll smell it the whole winter season. This is why from time to time you’ll pass a person and they’ll be in a cloud of Coco and probably not even know it themselves.

Coco is a massive eighties thing, just like Dior’s Poison, as ‘small’ as the hair used to be and as ‘subtle’ as the makeup used to be. It’s a spicy oriental and extremely different from everything else Chanel offers. There are two flankers to date, Coco Mademoiselle and Coco Noir. The flankers smell absolutely nothing like Coco, at all. I see a slight similarity between Mademoiselle (2001) and Noir (2012), but they are products of their time just like Coco is an eighties baby.

As always when I’m gearing up for a perfume review I’ve been wearing it several days in succession and I noticed that I’ve been smelling it less and less. This is not because it got truly weaker, but because it’s so intense and my brain started to tune it out after a while. This is also why I said you might meet people in a cloud of Coco who might not even know they smell like it. So my recommendation would be to not use it every day to give your nose and brain a break so you can get the full assault every time you spray it. Coco is not for the weak.

So it’s loud and obnoxious and naturally I love it. I just wish they sold their EdT’s in smaller bottles than 50 ml, because as I meantioned you can’t wear it evey day and it’ll take forever to use up. The EdP’s come in 35 ml but I fell in love with the EdT and I feel like they do not smell exactly alike.

I’m not even going to bother describing notes or how it smells like exactly as I can’t really pick any notes out and you’ve probably smelled it before anyway. It does have a bit of an oldtimer touch, since those who fell in love with it in the eighties and never stopped using it are now in their fifties/sixties and so that’s an association you might have. It’s funny because No 5, which is much older doesn’t have that sort of touch anymore – it was old when my parents were young so they’d never have worn it and nowadays you mostly get perfumistas and young girls wearing it. In 30 years there’ll be all those middle aged ladies wearing LVEB.

So in conclusion Coco is amazing and I love it and I’ve spent most of this fall being annoyed their newest release doesn’t have any of it’s charm or power. But then I guess they don’t need to remake Coco, as it already exists.


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