Sleek Lip Vip Superstar

Sleek Lip Vip Superstar

Alright, so after liking the highlighter and liquid lipsticks from Sleek I started to pay more attention to the brand and they have some new LE out, but I’m not sure if it’s a fall/winter or holiday or whatever. It just appeared with some cardboard pop up in my drugstore and the thing I noticed the most is that… the model on the display is NOT wearing any of the makeup being displayed? At all? It’s hilarious to look at. So I swatched the stuff and the eyeshadow palette was a total pass, really bad pigmentation. The creams were okay but regular colors. The two lipsticks seemed the best so I pickd up the darker one, called Superstar 1020. The cardboard packaging claims this to be a metallic lipstick, while the lipstick itself claims to be semi-matte.

The bullet is facetted, matching the outer packaging. It also shows off the shimmer really well. Personally I prefer regular, no nonsense lipstick bullets because with these facets you can accidentally smear lipstick where you don’t want it – at least if you’re like me and so used to a round bullet that you make weird movements with it you wouldn’t even notice unless you suddenly hit your skin atop your lip with a faceted bullet. But maybe that’s just me.

Swatch in the shade. I think semi-matte describes it very well, while I would not sign the metallic claim. There is very fine blue shimmer but you don’t really see it. That’s beautiful but not metallic in my books. And this from Sleek, who actually have good metallic liquid lipsticks!

Swatch in direct sunlight. It’s still a blue leaning berry color but you don’t really see any blue shimmer. However what looks like creaminess here is really the semi-matte finish with a little shimmer.

The packaging also promises a long wearing formula, and that is true as well. This lipstick has lasted up to six hours on me, only wearing off on the very inside of my lips when eating. That’s good. However, it did also feather over time, even when I started with a very crisp line. The color also had a tendency to bunch up, looking darker in some places. It felt very drying, like a MAC retro matte lipstick and it emphasizes dry skin, too. So I really like that color and that it is long wearing, but it’s not like the best lipstick ever.

As for lip liner, I’ve used it without and with and this is one lipstick I’d recommend to use with lipliner to help keep the edges clean. I’ve used MAC Nightmoth, my go to liner for dark colors because it’s the only dark one I have, but it worked. It’s not an exact match though.

I have no color comparison swatches for Superstar, because I have no lipstick that comes even close to that. The closest match I found is MAC Leap of Delight, but that one is totally matte and is darker. It was also LE.


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