Essie nail polish swatches

Essie nail polish swatches

We’re skipping Fragrance Friday today because I didn’t feel like it and also because I am super behind on my nail polish posts because my phone ate the pictures. But now I recovered the pics and I figured I’d just put all the Essie polishes into one post to catch up.

Essie had some leather collection thingy going on all with semi-matte finish. This is the dark blue one, called In hot purse-uit. It’s a beautiful dark blue with multicolored shimmer and a semi matte finish. Shown are two coats, no top coat. The polish lasted for four days without any chipping, then there was minor wear.

Same collection, the green Back in the Saddle. Absolutely beautiful and my fave out of the three in my mini set. Quality like the blue one.

Last I applied Tote-Ally in Love, expecting it to be like the other two. I must have gotten a dud. This one is aweful. The shimmer sank to the bottom and nothing made it reintegrate with the polish anymore. Note, this is a brand new bottle, not something standing around for years. The stuff that made the finish semi matte also vanished, making it weirdly shiny but in a bad way, not like a proper creme. The color also wasn’t even, my pinky finger really is that much lighter than my index finger, it’s not just the light. The polish was weirdly thin on application and the finished thing only lasted two days. I’ll probably throw this one out.

Then to raise our spirits I got a real good one again. This is Kimono-over. This is from a past collection, last year or so? Color is a dark purple creme, can look black but I think it’s visibly purple. Color beautiful, quality good, all wonderful.

This one is Over the Knee, also from a past collection but further past I think. It’s a warm brown with very slight coppery/red shimmer. The shimmer isn’t really visible on the nail but it helps the quality I think. With all the other polishes in this post I applied two coats, but this is just one because it applied fairly well. Looking at the pic I think I should have done a second coat, but irl it looked quite good. Lasted chip-free three days, would have done four if I had done two coats I’m sure.

And last but not least, cozy in cashmere, also an older collection polish, from a matte collection. The color is so, so pretty, a taupe with blue shimmer. It dries down matte very quickly, but must have been still wet underneath because I put dents in fast. Sadly the lasting power is not very good, something known from truly matte polishes. Essie got the formula a lot better with their semi-mattes (except for the red one above but I suspect I just got a bad bottle and that not all of them are like this).

And that concludes my quick nail polish catch up. Yay. Which is your favorite color? Do you like Essie? I hope you do because I got their advent calendar and that means there’s gonna be about twenty or so swatches coming in when I get around to put them on. See you next week, bye.


4 thoughts on “Essie nail polish swatches

  1. I’m impressed about the wear time on the semi-matte finish! I was expecting them to chip in a day based on previous experience. I have Cozy in Cashmere and that polish peeled off in a full sheet off my nails!
    My favourites of this lot is “Back in the Saddle” and “Over the Knee”!

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    1. my theory is they tried to improve the terrible matte formula but ended up losing most of the matte finish so they called in semi-matte or leather finish. but yes, the semi mattes last so much better than the matte ones!!!


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