Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace

Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace

Welcome to Fragrance Friday. It is a cold and misty early december day, just right for something like this:

This is Replica By the Fireplace EdT by Maison Margiela. In my tags this is still called “Maison Martin Margiela” as this is what the house used to be called but they shortened it down. I don’t want to change my old tags, though, so now you know where that tag comes from.

Alright, I have mentioned Replica Jazz Club in some posts before but I never ever bought it. Because while I liked the opening, I didn’t like the rest of it. And so, you see, the Replica line got bigger and bigger but I never really liked the perfumes in it. Until I found this one (By the Fireplace was released in 2015, but I only noticed it this year). The scent is smoky, sweet, ambery. This ia sweet perfume that proves that sweet doesn’t have to be that cheap, screeching sugar stuff you get in so many mainstream scents. You can have sweet and cozy and still be different!

The smoke in this is actual smoke. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s not the scent of incense or burning incense, it is like the smoke you get from a fire. Personally I don’t find that note too strong or harsh, but ymmv.

The sweetness is combined with chestnut. It smells like cake with chestnut filling or like chestnut confections such as “Maroniherzen” (but without the alcohol note those tend to have). It’s so cozy and yummy. It smells like sitting in your warm home, with a blanket and hot chocolate/tea and a book and some expensive sweets. Even if in reality you are outside in the chilly fog and can’t feel your toes anymore.

The scent stays mostly unchanged on me. The smoke wafts in and out. First I thought the smoke was more in the top notes and evaporates later but the more often I wear it the more I think I can still smell it later on. By the Fireplace lasts about seven hours on my skin.

This is what I wear when I want something cozier than my beloved Kenzo Jungle and lighter than Black Orchid, but stronger than Shalimar.

I strongly recommend testing By the Fireplace if “smoke and chestnut” sounds like heaven to you. Stay away if smoke sounds like a no go.


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