L.T. Piver Heliotrope Blanc

L.T. Piver Heliotrope Blanc

Alright, are you thinking, what the heck is L.T. Piver? Because that’s what I was thinking the first time I saw it, haha. Well, turns out, L.T. Piver is a really old french perfume brand, like Guerlain old. Except, as a quick googling just told me Guerlain opened up in 1828 and L.T. Piver opened up their first shop in 1774, so they’re actually older. Except the brand wasn’t yet called that and… okay this is getting complicated. Look it up yourself if interested.

The reason you might not have heard of the brand yet is that to my knowledge you can only get their stuff in barber shops and retro style places. Or maybe it’s just me who was not in the know so far, anyway long intro but here’s the perfume of the day:

It’s Heliotrope Blanc EdT by L.T. Piver. It came out in 1850 and is still being produced although of course I can’t say if the formula is still the same. The packaging is all retro and stuff, looks really cute. Sadly I already managed to ruin the golden cap I think by getting perfume on it which kinda dissolved the golden paint??? The sprayer is a little bit difficult, it does spray in the direction you point it at but the spray that comes out is bigger than you’d except so I dripped perfume all over the place…

What does it smell like? Well, like Heliotrope, obviously. Heliotrope is called the vanilla flower and for good reason. It smells a lot like play doh. Luckily this perfume smells like that, but in a non artifical way? It smells like vanilla and almonds and sugar before you start baking.There may be cookies in the future but not yet. That’s what it smells like.

So, really good, but also one note. I like wearing it but I don’t feel the need to wear it two days in a row. Once every couple weeks is enough. The scent does not change while wearing it and it has surprisingly great wear time – I got ten hours on skin out of it. Probably because it’s mostly base note anyway (base notes are base notes because they last the longest so you smell them at the end).

In a nutshell: good quality perfume and lovely smell if non artificial play doh sounds like something you want. Terrible packaging though the sprayer releases too much and it drops down the bottle later on god I just picked it up to examine it and a drop fell onto my laptop no!

Some swiping later everything still seems to be working. If you’re not hearing from me next week, there was a problem after all.



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