YSL Mon Paris

YSL Mon Paris

This super cute bottle is YSL Mon Paris EdT, one of their newest fragrance releases. It was released in 2016. Perfumers are: Olivier Cresp, Harry Frémont, and Dora Baghriche-Arnaud.

Mon Paris is one of those perfumes inspired by LVEB. As such, my question is, who needs this? Don’t most perfume lovers who want one already own a LVEB clone or two? The bottle is really cute, though so maybe that’s the main draw.

In defense of Mon Paris I have to say it’s a bit lighter than LVEB. It starts with a chemical berry smell which gets overwhelmed by a bouquet of jasmine. There’s not as much jasmine as Alien has (but then, which perfume has) but I think jasmine haters won’t be fans of Mon Paris. Jasmine lovers on the other hand might like that this is jasmine without the ubiquitous orange blossom. The drydown is super generic and also weak. There’s a little bit of everything in it, but not enough to really pick anything out.

As such, the fragrance is okay, but the market is so saturated by chemical smelling sweet berry scents, some of which smell better than Mon Paris (many smell a lot worse, though) I have trouble being very enthusiastic about it. I’m waiting for the next perfumery trend. My verdict is that this is the perfect perfume for teenage girls (if they like that sort of thing) since it smells sweet and not as strong as LVEB and the bottle is very cute.

For a perfume that also sports sweet berry, but not so synthetic and more elegant, check out my review for Cartier La Panthere.


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