Cartier La Panthere

Cartier La Panthere

I just noticed someone landed on my blog by googling “(name of product) temptalia” and I’m like gosh I’m so sorry you wanted high quality comparison swatches and landed here instead. Oh dear.

In other, also totally unrelated news I haven’t posted any nailpolish for weeks. That’s not because I didn’t use any nailpolish, but because I take those pictures on my phone and my phone hates my computer or the other way round, anway there are pics on instagram but otherwise I can’t currently access those pics… Sorry they’ll show up sometime, they always do.

Alright and now back to some actual quality content… sorta. It’s Friday you know that means Fragrance Review Day!

Just like Sisley, Cartier does some high quality GWPs. This is a mini of La Panthere EdP. The new one, obviously. La Panthere was released in 2014 and by now has collected some flankers to go with it, but this review is for the 2014 pillar. There was also a perfume in the eighties called Panthere, but it smelled completely different. Different bottle, too.

I’ve already reviewed the flanker La Panthere Legere here. Legere has a different notes list, but it does smell similar to La Panthere. Legere is lighter than this one and now that I’ve smelled both, I greatly prefer La Panthere EdP.

So at the very beginning it smells like roses and I’m like ‘why’, and ‘nooooo’. But then it changes and some sweet gardenia gets through. Yesss. I still should actually hate this, becuase it is a fruity floral and I’m so not a fan of those in general, but somehow La Panthere manages to not go the obnoxious fruity floral route and stays classy instead. As classy as you can be with a strawberry note I mean. I do think it’s dried strawberry I’m smelling here. Or maybe other dried red fruits. The gardenia and fruit stage lasts pretty long, five to six hours I’d say. The base is kinda meh, like a bit of musk and something else, but rather thin. At this point I’ll either get a shower or just reapply the perfume from my little purse spray here.

The nose of La Panthere is Mathilde Laurent, who does most of Cartier’s perfumes.

Try this if: you want to know how a not super cheap strawberry perfume could smell like. Because let’s be honest strawberry usually gets the short end of the quality stick in perfumery.


3 thoughts on “Cartier La Panthere

  1. Aww haha re: temptalia comment. I wonder how Google’s analytics work that brought them over to your blog?
    I only recently realized that I like strawberry scented things. It seemed juvenile to me when admitted out loud but my nose likes it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it happens when you’re looking for a product she has not swatched. instead of giving no results, you get other blogs.

      there’s nothing wrong with liking strawberry scents. Especially as an adult it is important to have things that give you childish joy. Life is hard enough as is.

      Liked by 1 person

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