MAC Brow Set Clear

MAC Brow Set Clear

Hello everybody! I hope you’re well. Can you believe it’s November already? What?

Today I’ve got the MAC Brow Set in the color Clear for you. Honestly this isn’t as much a review as it is simply a bottle porn post. Just look at the clear gel and the bubbles and gah! So good! It doesn’t stay like that once you start using it that’s for sure. I won’t post a pic of how it looks now, because gross. You might see the rest of it in a used up post some day in the future.

It started out smelling a lot like glue but has since mellowed down. I’ve been using it for several months by now. It’s pretty much what’s promised. The color is clear and it’s a gel that sets your brows. It lasts okay, up to twelve hours I’d say. You don’t see it unless you put on a lot. The brow hair is stiffer once the gel has set and stays in place.

Using a clear gel is easier than a colored brow gel because if you mess up, nobody sees it anyway. So when I want to be quick, it’s actually better to use a pencil first and then the clear gel rather than using a colored gel on its own. This is also why the gel gets gross looking after a while, because you touch the brush to your pencilled or powedered brow and then back into the tube. I mean the colored gel probably gets gross too but I don’t see it.

And that’s it for this review. No swatch, obviously, since you wouldn’t see anything anyway. What’s your preferred way of doing brows? Do you have enough natural brow hair that you need to set it at all?


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