Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Beige Doré

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Beige Doré

This is Beige Doré Rouge Coco Shine from Chanel‘s Spring 2017 LE. Yes I know it’s the end of October right now, but you’ll see you didn’t miss much.

Swatch. It doesn’t get any more intense than that. It’s a very light gold color with some gold shimmer. Sadly, there is really only very little shimmer. I mean Rouge Coco Shines are supposed to be sheer, but usually they pack a  little more punch than that. If only it had more shimmer, it would have been right on trend! But… nah. On the lips you basically don’t see much color; you see the glossiness. It’s a glorified lip balm. I mean if you love Rouge Coco Shines you know what you’re getting into and I’ve actually used it quite a bit for no make up make up and such, but… you didn’t really miss much if you din’t get this one.

For comparison, here’s what the Maybelline Metallic Pure Gold looks like (lower swatch):

And this one isn’t opaque either!

And this is how I got a Chanel lipstick for 70% off. No, Chanel don’t do reductions usually. The vendor just really, really wanted this one gone. And if I wasn’t the sort of decadent person who likes using Rouge Coco Shines as lip balm I’d have still been ripped off.

Tune in next week when there will probably be another lipstick review with some visible color and real shimmer!


4 thoughts on “Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Beige Doré

  1. I really like the Coco Shines in the summer. They wear so nice and i have never found a lip balm that beats them. If i want real colour i buy Rouge Coco lipsticks or Rouge Allure lipsticks, which are the most luxurious from the brand. It just depends on what look i’m going for that day.

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    1. I didn’t make that clear on post sorry, but I was comparing this one to my other Rouge Coco Shines, which do leave some visible color on my lips but this one doesn’t. I’m not comparing it to more opaque lipsticks which would be unfair. I just want people who might be buying this discontinued lipstick for steep prices on ebay or something to know what they are getting into.
      that said I’ve been wearing this one a lot because it feels good and I’m not always a full on lip person so I’m okay with it.


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