L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10

L’Artisan Parfumeur Mon Numero 10

Mon Numero 10 EdP by L’Artisan Parfumeur comes from an originally limited edition and was included in the regular lineup in 2014. I still have the older, pre-black bottle era packaging.  The 30 ml size has the same cap as the bigger perfumes, making the bottle look even smaller. Perfumer is Bertrand Douchafour.

Personally I love it lots and lots and I’m honestly confused that I haven’t reviewed it before, since it was my second ever Artisan bottle??? It is a hefty dose of cinnamon with a bit of wood, lots of tonka and some unlit incense. You know, like, it’s not smoky but incensy, like how incense smells completely different once lit? It’s perfectly suited for cooler weather when you want something cozy, but not too cozy. The incense gives it character; this isn’t a fluffy cloud. I guess for some people the scent might fall apart as the ingredients differ a lot, but for me it just about works out as a whole.

The official notes list on the packaging says: “incense, cardamom, leather, tonka bean”.

Uh, okay? I’m not getting leather, not compared to my real leather paerfumes. Cardamom, sure why not. But I’m confused they don’t list any cinnamon as to my nose that’s really the major component? But who knows, maybe it’s my nose that’s out of alignment.

Try this if: well, if you can find it in the first place, but mostly if you’re looking for an unsweet cinnamon offering. I mean yes there’s plenty of tonka bean but it’s still less sweet than a Guerlain, for example.


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