L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse Ambre Pamplemousse Rose

L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse Ambre Pamplemousse Rose

So, for this Fragrance Friday I want to talk about the last L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse perfume I own.

It’s called Ambre Pamplemousse Rose and is, like the others called a “Cologne de Luxe” whatever that’s supposed to mean. It was also released in 2016. Specifically my bottle says 09/16 on it and I know I mentioned this already before but I love that you don’t have to decipher some codes to find out your production date. It also comes with the same no-nonsense design as the other bottles of this brand, which I love. Unlike the other two perfumes I reviewed this one isn’t as straight forward from the name. Cuir Iris was as promised a leather iris. This one on the other hand is so innocently named Ambre Pamplemousse Rose, but I find it neither an amber perfume nor a pink grapefruit.

It is, instead, a booze perfume.

I always loved the opening of Margiela’s Replica Jazz Club. The sweetness, the rum, the smoke. However I never bought it because it changed after ten minutes and I didn’t like the rest. Now I’m not saying this one here smells like Jazz Club, because it doesn’t but it basically smells like what I wanted from Jazz Club. And the smell of Ambre Pamplemousse Rose doesn’t change too much. The drydown differs from the fist two hours, yes, but it mostly stays the same perfume.

I personally don’t get a lot of pink grapefruit here, except maybe it’s actually the candied zest I smell here? And all throughout a good dose of alcohol. Not the sharp bite of it that you get in the start Clandestine Clara and not the sweet rum of Jazz Club either. It combines with the candied fruit instead creating a smell a bit like a Rusty Nail?

The dry down is a bit tamer, but still recognizable. The official notes list is a bit more elaborate than my rambling so here it is:

rum, natural frosty lemon, pink grapefruit

rose, violet, white woods (cedar, cypriol, vetiver and elemi)

sandalwood, everlasting flower, golden ambergris

I’m not sure if the golden ambergris isn’t a translation mistake from the french, which says “ambre dore”. Amber and ambergris are different things, but they sound so similar that you can never be quite sure what is meant. On the other hand, they way it smells, there could be ambergris (or rather ambroxan) in it so who knows.

Anyway, this one here smells special and different and not like all the other mainstream stuff. It’s totally worth a try and is the most surprising out of all the Atelier scents I tried. Even more surprising is that it smells so good and different and everything at this price – last time I saw it at a perfumery it cost less than € 20 for 100 ml.

This is also the most long lasting of the three I tried I got a solid six to seven hours, although it was mostly close to the skin. Luckily in this case as I don’t want other people to think I’m drinking…


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