Sisley Izia

Sisley Izia

Izia EdP by Sisley is a new perfume released in 2017. The noses are Isabelle d’Ornano and Amandine Clerc-Marie.

I got a lovely luxury mini as a GWP. What I love about this mini is that it came with a sprayer. A mini with a sprayer is just infinitely more useful than a tiny bottle mini without a sprayer. But I digress.

Izia is a rose perfume and I am a certified rose hater. So please keep that in mind. I do own some full bottles with roses in, but mostly those barely smell like roses anymore. I have the woodsy, the green, the dry and very dark roses. The Morticia Adams roses, so to speak. Izia is none of that. Izia is the ray of sunshine rose. It’s bright and lovely and tame and entirely too un-goth for me. Izia is that pretty girl from the Munsters, what was her name? Marilyn? However, at least it’s not soapy at all. Soapy roses are the worst.

Izia starts with sparkling citrus and then you get the rose, like a huge yellow thing? And that’s it. I mean I’m sure there’s some other notes in it but I don’t smell them. The rose gets quieter after a couple hours, but overall this perfume is pretty long lasting. I got six hours for sure.

Now I’d never get a full bottle of this but I do have to admit it’s well made and if you like bright roses, this should be worth a try. Spray it and be the lovely Marilyn Munster. She may be ugly but her heart is in the right place. 😉

Meanwhile, I think an Addams Family rewatch is in order.


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