Essie Too Too Hot

Essie Too Too Hot

So, the thing is, I put this nailpolish on in August and it took me forever to do a post on it here because the photos got sort of lost. Like I thought I had put them on the computer but I hadn’t, but they weren’t on the phone either etc. And I finally had to go sleuthing on instagram to find out when I took the picture to find it like that. So, don’t say instagram is worthless, I guess. At least it’s organized while my computer is a mess. Behold, my instagram post:


#notd is #essie too too hot. It's a lovely squishy red-coral thing. #nailpolish #red #coral #notd💅🏻

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Dandygal (@the_dandygal) am


does that picture load for anyone? my poor Too Too Hot post is cursed. Here’s the picture I finally found on my hard drive:

So what I can tell you after all that time is that this was a great nail polish, it lasted almost a week and applied like a champ, too. Good polish, my organisational skills: not so good. End of story.


If the gods will it, there will be a BalmainxLoreal post on wednesday. If I can find the photos I shot, that is…


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