L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse Cuir Iris

L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse Cuir Iris

Today I have another one from L’Atelier des Bois de Grasse to show. At least this time the perfume name is not that long: it’s Cuir Iris.

I love the no nonsense design and the descriptive name. You get what you’re promised: leather and iris. The leather starts out pretty harsh but it’s mostly in the opening. Then the perfume softens up over time ending in very soft vanilla and musk. There’s surely some stuff in between but I’m not good enough to pick it out individually. The official notes list on the packaging says:

top notes: pink peppercorn, balsam of peru, mugwort

middle notes: lily of the valley, iris, cedar

base notes: leather, vanilla, tobacco, musks

I guess I’m getting some of the tobacco and cedar, but that’s just because I read the list.

Overall a lovely perfume, because it is just leathery enough to be interesting but not too much. It gets pretty cuddly later on. Lasting time is about four hours, but after all it’s only a cologne.

A lovely perfume for people who want something a little bit different and not spend an arm and a leg. Sadly, Cuir Iris is not available everywhere. Often stores that do carry the brand only have the orange blossom and the amber one. I’m still trying to get my grabby hands on Bois de Cedre Petit Grain, but no luck so far. 😦 Of the brand’s five perfumes I own three, this one, the orange blossom and the amber (review upcoming). The fifth one is a rose perfume which I intend to skip as I’m not a fan of roses. But I do want the Bois blabla one. If only the names were a bit shorter. I wrote it down for the SA when I asked for it and she was like “which part is the perfume name” and I was like “all of it” and she was like “oh my”.

This perfume line is still very new, having launched in 2016 and I do hope they’ll get more easily available instead of sinking into oblivion because they produce quality stuff imho.


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