Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! This Is Him!

Zadig & Voltaire This Is Her! This Is Him!

Zadig & Voltaire isn’t a new brand but you haven’t heard too much of them until 2016 when they released two new mainstream perfumes with lots of fanfare: This is her! and This is him!

This is her! smells like fabric softener, lots of jasmine and cheap sandalwood. Typical “female” mainstream offer, you can find these a dime a dozen, but if you like that sort of smell it’s totally okay and not offensive on the nose.

This is him! on the other hand is much better! Now, the reason for that is not that it’s technically or objectively better than This is her!; it’s because the average mainstream “male” fragrance is so cheap and nasty. And This is him! is not cheap and nasty and therefore already a winner (in a very weak category). This is him! smells of pepper and incense – very lovely incense and not too much (this is after all not a niche offering). Only a touch of sandalwood ties it to This is her! and a bit of vanilla, too. The drydown is powdery and soft in a not too sweet way.

So I very much recommend the male fragrance, the female is take it or leave it.


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