Dita von Teese Erotique

Dita von Teese Erotique


So, did you know Dita von Teese used to have a perfume line? To be honest I didn’t notice until they were on sale and already mostly gone. And suddenly, as it was really hard to get I really, really wanted one. XD The ugly yellow thing up there is Erotique EdP. There were two different packagings for this, a prettier glass bottle and this thing here. But it houses the same fragrance and it cost me only 7,50 €, so whatever. I apologize for reviewing a fragrance that seems to be discontinued but maybe you’ll get lucky in some remote drugstore.

Smelling Erotique I can tell you why it didn’t do so well among the other celebrity scents: it is no sticky sweet berry slushy. Quite the contrary. In fact it has a cilantro note which quickly tells you this perfume is not here to be cute. Leather and Sandalwood follow the spicy opening note. In a way it smells like a niche perfume that was cheapened down a bit. It’s quirky and if you like the scent of leather with lots of woods, certainly sexy.

Since this perfume is base-heavy it lasts a good amount of time, eight to ten hours depending on how much I applied.

I am sad the Dita line was phased out of drugstores. I would have bought the others too, if I had gotten my fingers on them. They were too good to last.





2 thoughts on “Dita von Teese Erotique

  1. Aww I don’t think the packaging is THAT ugly. I looked up the glass bottle and that version is so “typical”, this one is more sexy to me. 😛
    Hmm the way you describe this, now I’m curious about the blend of cilantro and leather!

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    1. Well by now my bottle is scratched as well. If I scratch it some more maybe I can pull off a sexy vintage look. XD
      The smell is really sort of weird but when I’m in the mood for it, amazing.


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