Langé Orient Treasure

Langé Orient Treasure


Now, if you’ve never heard of Langé, they’re a french consmetics brand. They’re rather more high end, but funnily enough, they don’t give a fuck about packaging. With Langé, all the value is what’s in it. Don’t get distracted by the cheap seeming packaging. So, they have released a small line of perfume as well, not too long ago. It was in 2015 I think. If I remember right it’s three male and three female fragrances, although the packaging itself does not denote ‘male’ or ‘female’. The male ones are shaped like the bottle above, more square and house 100 ml, while the female ones have more of a round shape and come in 50 ml size.

So, Orient Treasure is a men’s perfume. I own a number of unisex and some men’s perfumes and usually I do not distinguish here. You wear what you like, right? Well, Orient Treasure… is almost too male for me. XD

It’s not one of these men’s shower gel scents (which I abhor – boys if you wanna smell clean take a shower!) it’s just the right amount of dirty and woody and stingy. Like the name suggests it is an oriental, but not the warm ambery or vanilla kind. The official notes are ‘Royal Oud, Grapefruit Zest, Intense Leather, Birch Tar’. And that gives a fairly good impression of what it smells like. The oud is there from the beginning, and it is oud-y, but not the so harsh and medicinal edge oud can sometimes have. Together with the leather it ends up a dirty, earthy note, but the birch tar comes through and keeps it from getting too dark or too dirty. I can’t pick out the grapefruit on its own most times, but sometimes I get this metallic tang and that could be it.

I don’t know it it helps anyone but I experience perfumes as high or low and this one is high, but not screeching.

There is not a whole lot of change in the scent. I think there’s more oud in the beginning and more leather in the dry down, but it’s pretty base heavy anyway. Perfume lasts about eight hours and has moderate sillage.

It’s not the slightest bit sweet and yet so pleasant. Orient Treasure is amongst the best men’s perfumes I’ve ever smelled. Sadly I could not get my hands on the other ones by Langé. Rumour says they’re real nice. I did however, purchase two of the women’s perfumes and they are also amazing (review upcoming).

The packaging of Orient Treasure tells us that ‘Director of Creation’ is Eric Fustier and ‘Artstic Director’ is Julie Pauwels.


2 thoughts on “Langé Orient Treasure

  1. This sounds very nice! I love all those notes separately (oud, grapefruit, leather) but I cannot quite imagine what they smell like together.

    And yes I really thought it was a mid-range brand from the packaging, LOL! Looks like a fancy Avon perfume, heh. I wouldn’t really like to spend a lot on a perfume only to receive it in a cheap bottle. How odd that they don’t put more effort into it.

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    1. yeah they put no money into the bottles at all and you can tell. but the juice is real good. luckily, since I buy most of my perfume at TK Maxx it’s not like I had to shell out the full price. 😉

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