essence do you speak love?

essence do you speak love?


A little late, but here’s the nail polish I wore for the X-Mas Holidays. Basically I’ve been super sick for almost a month now, so most of my posts up until today were made with pics I did loooong before the middle of december. XD we’re finally nearing the pics I made around the new year. Actually I made no photos around the new year as I was too sick. I’ve also barely worn any makeup the last weeks, which is why I am super behind on my testing.

Sorry for the rant. So in this pic I am wearing two coats of essence nailpolish in the color do you speak love? . This was the first of four polishes included in the calendar and also my first essence nail polish in years. I still have some old ones, but nowadays the line is called “the gel” nail polish. This red one up here does have a satisfying gel shine. After I took the pic I put a gel top coat over it, so I can’t say how long the polish would have lasted on its own. With the top coat it absolutely refused to come off for a week and a half. That was crazy.

Application was easy (if you like their wide brush which I do). The color is beautiful. What’s not to like?


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