L’Artisan Parfumeur Rappelle-Toi

L’Artisan Parfumeur Rappelle-Toi


This massive pink box houses my second ever purchase from L’Artisan Parfumeur. It’s a huge box, considering it houses ‘only’ 50ml of perfume. I have the old packaging here, the newer bottles have the same look as all the other L’Artisan bottles now.


The perfume is Rappelle-Toi EdP, originally part of the Explosions d’Emotions collection, now part of the permanent line. My bottle is eight-sided, but it has the usual seven sided cap. It took me forever to realize why I couldn’t line up the sides!

Rappelle-Toi was released in 2014, perfumer is Bertrand Douchafour.

For me, this was a blind buy. Bad, I know. XD I just loved Timbuktu so much I was like what the heck. So rip the packaging open and spray with abandon.

And OH EM GEE, best smell ever? I will never ever wear anything else again. So good. Best Gardenia I ever smelled, hey.

Half an hour later: Oh, dear what is that nasty smell? Has a cat come in and marked the place? Oh no. I close all windows, make sure there’s no animal inside. Oh wait, is that me? A sniff on my wrist. BLERGH. This is awful. (That’s what you get for blind buys, eh?) Scrubbing it off? No dice. This thing stays on. But hey, after scrubbing it now smells a godly as before. Yum.

So the first thing I learn: don’t put on too much.

Second test, a day later: one single spray. Godly, best perfume ever I will never wear anything else. Half an hour later: oh, this is nasty. 😦 Whyyyyyy? Same day, two hours later: I ask several people what they think of my new perfume. Does it stink? No, they all say, smells really good.

Second thing learn: This is the kind of perfume that smells better on other people – it’s the distance that does it. Do not press nose on wrist.

Not wearing it? Not an option. This is still the most wonderful Gardenia. I make sure to spray it only on my legs.

A couple days later – the revelation: I eat dinner and grind black pepper on it. Hey, is that…? I inhale.

When I stop sneezing I am sure: Rappelle-Toi smells just like a huge noseful of freshly ground black pepper. That is the stink! And funny thing, now that my brain knows what it is smelling I find the perfume a lot more tolerable. I can wear it on my torso now. From time to time I still get the PEPPER waft, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s as if the brain only needed the reassurance, no, this is not poisonous, it’s edible. XD

Apart from the black pepper and gardenia another note I get is honey. Honey can be rich and sweet, but also have a bit of a stinky side. It’s probably part of this weird package. I don’t smell much else, I keep getting distracted by the pepper and the gardenia.

Overall this is a lovely perfume but more on the intense experience side. Luckily the sillage is not huge so it’s unlikely to assault coworkers etc. Lasting power is pretty good, around ten hours.

End of story: this might not be the best perfume for a blind purchase, but I came to like it anyway. To be honest, I kept on doing blind purchases and I was really lucky so far. There will be a lot more reviews for L’Artisan Parfumeur upcoming.


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