MAC 4Eva

MAC 4Eva


Last fall there was another expansion of MAC’s permanent line. There were many great colors included and I want most of them. XD So it was only a matter of time until I picked up another one. This time it’s the purple 4Eva (matte). Unlike all the other purples I showed on this blog, this one does not flirt with pink. It’s straight up purple with a hint of white pigment. It reminds me of the packaging for Milka chocolate.


Swatch. The finish is the typical MAC matte finish, so don’t expect this to be hydrating. Purple always gets pulled a bit darker when applied on my lips, so let’s have a lip swatch as well:



Lasting power: four hours until it started to show some wear. Wears off on the inside of the lips when eating. Pulled visibly into lip lines when it started to wear off, but pressing my lips together and moving them around helped some.

I wish it lasted a bit longer, but this is just the sort of outlandish color that shows wear more than a pink. It needs a bit of reapplication from time to time (only on the inside of the lip).

Still, this is such a cool color. I paired it with orange tones and looked so easterly. XD

4Eva is part of the permanent range.


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