essence camouflage make-up & concealer

essence camouflage make-up & concealer

Worth the hype?


Today in the internet made me buy it: essence camouflage 2 in 1 make-up & concealer. I haven’t been paying attention to drugstore brands much the last year or so, but I saw so many blogs and youtuber rave about this product, I had to try it. It was only 3,45 € so not much lost if it was terrible. This foundation/concealer product comes in three shades. I bought the lightest, 10 ivory beige. But the other two shades are quite light as well. So yay on the one hand, finally some drugstore products for the pale kids are showing up. On the other hand, if you are mid to dark toned, you are out of luck here. I know drug store brands never offer up that many shades, but more than three should be possible, don’t you think?


Swatch. This is the lightest available color. It has a yellow undertone. It comes out light and darkens immediately. I think you can see it in the swatch, that the thinner part is already darker than the part where it is still wet. So I recommend trying the tester before purchase. You don’t need to wait long, a second is enough. Some people say it does not darken once they put it on, that is because it darkens so quickly you almost don’t notice it.


Color comparison! On top is essence ivory beige, next is MAC NC15, the third swipe is Chanel Les Beiges 10, last is Dior BB Creme 001. Out of these, the essence is still the darkest, so if you are looking for a reallllly light drugstore foundation I have to disappoint you. However, once spread out, the color difference to MAC NC15 isn’t that big. I bought this soon after it came out at the end of summer. Back then I was NC20 and I had to darken the essence foundation with liquid bronzer to fit me. Good news, it mixed well and still had great coverage.

So like I said I wore it at the end of summer first and it wore about four, five hours and then started to seperate fro my face. It did not melt off, it stayed where I put it, but it was now clearly a layer on my skin instead of being one with my face. While it still gave coverage, it emphasised dry skin more. So weird. Usually a foundation just melts off or emphasises dry skin earlier. However, once the hot weather was over, this turned into the best foundation ever! No more separation from my skin, no more showing dry parts either! And my skin is much drier now in december! So my verdict is: great for normal weather, also usable in hot weather, but the finish is not as natural. Might work better on dry skin than on oily skin. I get shiny on the nose after about four hours which is completely normal and happens with every other foundation as well.

The finish is not matte, but not super dewy either. I’d call it satin. It looks very natural.

How to use it: Now, this is both foundation and concealer and I was skeptical about that. 2 in 1 products are usually better at one thing than the other. Now, this comes out as a thin liquid, and it is very pigmented. More so than you think at first. Also it dries up very quickly, so it is best to only take out a small drop, work that in and then take out more. Since the product is runny and the cap does not close very tight, it is best not to store it standing as that will get messy.

Alright, now we got our small drop out, we spread it on our face in a thin layer. This is important. There is no need to worry about full coverage yet. The product is very liquid, yet very pigmented and dries fast. This is where the secret in it being both a foundation and a concealer lies. For foundation, a little bit will stretch quite far. Then the first layer is dry and we can go into the concealing without wiping anything off. For the conealing I use my finger, take up a little product and pat it on where I need it. Since it is the same color as the foundation it blends seamlessly. So yes, it really does work as a 2 in 1 product and the coverage is so strong I don’t need anything else. Depending on how much you put on, coverage is on the strong side of medium to full.

The essence camouflage works really well for my skin, which is combination, but like I said it works somewhat better in cooler weather. The color works for me since I spread it as thin as possible. I will certainly buy a back up. With essence, you never know what will be discontinued, even if this product is permanent for now. But I will certainly keep repurchasing for as long as I can get it.

Verdict: the internet has not lied to me. Absolutely worth the hype. Might not work for every skin type, but certainly worth a try!


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