MAC Chromagraphic Pencils Rich Purple & Marine Ultra

MAC Chromagraphic Pencils Rich Purple & Marine Ultra


Let’s talk about MAC‘s chromagraphic pencils. Those two here are Marine Ultra and Rich Purple. I already own a few Chromagraphic Pencils and I like them so much that ultimately I want to have all of them. These are Pro items, you can get them in MAC Pro stores or on the regular MAC website. They are not limited edition, you can get them anytime.

Those pencils are multi-use, you can do whatever you want with them (I mean, you can always do whatever you want with everything, but these aren’t designed as eyeliners or something is what I mean). Now that’s the theory but these MAC products always come with a little slip of paper in the packaging with warnings. These say that Marine Ultra is not to be used in the lip area or in the inner rim of the eye and that Rich Purple is not to be used in the inner rim of the eye. (The warning differs between general eye area and the inner rim. All the reddish colors aren’t to be used in the general eye area either). Now, AS USUAL I did not find this slip of paper until AFTER I’d used these products and I have worn Rich Purple in the inner rim and live to tell the story. Personally I ignore these warnings, but you might want to know these things before you buy them, so that’s why I put it here.


They look like regular pencils. Top: Marine Ultra, bottom Rich Purple.

As a whole, these pencils adehere well to the skin and apply without tugging. They are not eye pencils per se, though and that means they do not smoke out well. If you want a smoky pencil look, use a regular eye pencil or even better, a khol. These are what I use when crisp color is the goal. They can also be used to lay down a base color. As mentioned above I have also used them on the waterline and the color payoff wasn’t that great. A creamy eye pencil would be better there.


Swatch of the colors in the shade. Marine Ultra is a pretty bright blue, yet still on the darker end of blue. Rich Purple is more subdued.


Same swatch in direct sunlight.

Now, while the most obvious way to use them would be as eyeliner, lately unusal lip colors have been all the rage so I have also used them as lip liners. They don’t match up exactly with my lipsticks, but it works out. Examples:

Colorwise, Matte Royal is actually closer to Rich Purple than Marine Ultra, but it can work with either of them (depending on the goal, one would pull it more into blue, the other makes it darker purple).

Leap of Delight from the Holiday Collection is way more red than Rich Purple, so using them together pulls the whole deal more purple.

The mid tone purple lipstick 4Eva (review upcoming) is lighter than Rich Purple, this can be used for an ombre effect.

And lastly, since these pencils don’t really smudge and are long lasting they can also be used for any kind of special makeup like Halloween etc.

My biggest problem with these is that since I have used them for both eyes and lips I don’t know if I should put them with the eye pencils or with the lip liners (I keep those seperately, because I have a lot of pencils). XD



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