Balenciaga Rosabotanica

Balenciaga Rosabotanica


Look at this tiny bottle next to the huge packaging! Look at it! XD This is Rosabotanica EdP by Balenciaga. This is a flanker to Florabotanica. When that came out I tested it, thought meh, and ignored it. When Rosabotanica came out I was even less interested since I’m not into rose perfume. But a merciless SA held a paperstrip under my nose before I could run away and to my surprise – I liked it? I could detect no rose, so I tried it on my skin and still liked it. So it got put on the mental ‘maybe sometime’ list. This summer I saw Rosabotanica reduced and pounced!

Luckily I still like it. This isn’t a traditional rose and not a soapy rose either. It’s more of a thorn bush, really. It starts spicy in a green way, not like curry or something. It stays spicy and peppery (pink pepper though, not the harsh black pepper), it mellows out in the base. It never gets sweet and never gets overly rosey. I think they only named it Rosabotanica, because Pepperbotanica doesn’t have such a nice ring to it. 😉

The whole thing isn’t very intense. Out of all the bottles I bought this year I have made the biggest dent in Rosabotanica because it needs many sprays to be really noticeable. And it doesn’t really last longer than four hours. But that’s okay with me, this way I can happily use up my bottle and move on. I like owning it, but I don’t need it forever and ever. It’s a nice herbal rose scent, but it’s not a must have. With this I discovered I do like rose when they are really dry and woody. It’s just the light and soapy roses I don’t like (like Chloé) and I don’t like the classical roses either (like Nahema) but rose has a big spectrum and I found my end of the rainbow, yay. 😀


List of ingredients for Rosabotanica.

Rosabotanica was released in 2013. The noses are Olivier Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault.

What’s your take on rose perfume? Love, hate? Tell me in the comments.


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