L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu

L’Artisan Parfumeur Timbuktu


So I picked this one here up on a whim. I knew nothing about L’Artisan Parfumeur and nothing about this perfume. I just thought it sounded interesting. XD This is a bottle of Timbuktu EdT. I smelled it and immediately fell in love. Later on I looked the brand up and it seems this is one of the original niche perfume houses. Timbuktu was released in 2004, perfumer is Bertrand Duchafour. What I have here is the old bottle style. They have recently replaced their bottle design with black glass. Honestly I think this design here is prettier. You can still find old bottles around.

So it’s called Timbuktu, because it was inspired by the perfumer’s travels through Mali. I’ve never been to Mali so I can’t say if it is any way authentic. The packaging lists the notes as: Cardamom, benzoin, karo-karounde, papyrus wood and vetiver.

Not listed, but to me this smells strongly of frankincense and myrrhe??? The start is spicier than the drydown, so I’ll believe there is cardamom in it, even if I can’t pick it out individually. It’s lightly peppery, too. Later on the spices get quiet and it gets just so incensy to my nose. But I guess I also get the papyrus note. I’ve smelled papyrus before and while that usually dustier, I get it in this perfume. The vetiver is gentle and does not overwhelm the whole thing, as it sometimes happens with vetiver.

You know, to be comepletely honest I didn’t look at the notes list before writing this entry and I’m just so freaked out it does not list frankincense. XD

Well, no matter what is in it, it smells amazing and unusual. It does smell dry, so very dry. I have to be in the mood for it, but I am in the mood frequently. 😉

On my skin it lasts a good ten hours, although it gets close to the skin and soft at the five hour mark. The drydown is a bit sweeter, as the benzoin comes through. But it’s never a sweet perfume.

Absolutely worth a try. This was my very first L’Artisan, but certainly not the last.


List of ingredients.

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