Givenchy L’Ange Noir

Givenchy L’Ange Noir

Here’s another fall perfume release: Givenchy L’Ange Noir EdP.


I’m not entirely sure if this is supposed to be a flanker to the Ange au Demon line, but since I don’t know those and the name doesn’t have any demons in it, let’s pretend it’s not a flanker, ok?

I love the bottle. It’s so sculptural and dark. I don’t think the perfume is sculptural and dark, though. Yes it has noir in the name, but it smells like almond cookies. There’s nothing noir about almond cookies. XD In the almond cookie note it is similar to Guerlain’s L’Instant Magic, but Magic is also very powdery, while L’Ange Noir is a lot less powdery. I also get a strong note of sesame from the beginning through the heart. In that I see similarities to Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline, but L’Ange Noir is much sweeter. The sweet almond sometimes gives an impression of marzipan.

I really enjoy the almond cookie – sesame phase. Sadly it doesn’t last forever. The base is – sorry – ultra boring and weak. I get some floweryness, some sweetness and after four hours nothing. However the start is so lovely and if you keep it on you and reapply, you can spend the whole day smelling like cute baked goods. 😀

It’s november and cold and bah outside and totally the season to smell of cookies if you ask me. I like that this perfume is sweet, but in a different way from the whole fruitchouli stuff (like LVEB etc). So, thumbs up, this is a cutie. I’m not getting the name though. This is an angel with white fluffy wings.


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