MAC Lip Liner Whirl

MAC Lip Liner Whirl

MAC Pencil Whirl

Hello! Today I want to talk about a liner I like a lot: MAC lip liner in Whirl. Depending on your skin color, Whirl is either nude or brown. In either case it’s useful for the nineties brownish lips which are still a huge trend right now.

Whirl Swatch

Swatch. The small line is the lip liner Whirl. The big one is the Urban Decay lipstick in 1993. The colors are fairly close, even if they are not completely identical. MAC also offers a matching lipstick in Whirl, which I don’t own. Often it’s the lipstick that exists first and then they make a matching liner, but in the case of Whirl and a few other well loved liners, it was the other way round.

The liner applies well and leaves you with nice and crisp lines. You can either use it only for the edges, or as I like to do it, apply it all over. You could stop there, it gives a matte look which isn’t totally opaque and looks more natural than a lipstick look. Or you can apply lipstick on top. Whirl lasts a good six hours on me (liner with lipstick on top). It wears off evenly, so you don’t even have to reapply, it will still look good even when it’s not fresh.

You don’t have to pair the liner in Whirl just with a matchy-matchy lipstick, either. You can use it to change the color of a lipstick as well. You can make a darker brown less harsh, you can make a rosy nude more brown etc.

Basically, I love this for when I’m going for 90ies supermodel brown lips.


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