Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Perversion + Lip Liner

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Perversion + Lip Liner

Happy Halloween!

Let’s talk about a black lipstick today, eh? 😉


The new, huge Vice lipstick line by Urban Decay also included a black in their comfort matte formula. I figured it was worth a try. And because I am a fan of matching lip liners I also bought the 24/7 Glide-on Lip Pencil. Both of these are in the regular lineup, not limited.


Here’s the Vice Lipstick in all its glory. The color is called Perversion. Since Urban Decay color names stay the same across products, their true black eyeliners etc are also named Perversion.

UD Pencil P

The liner looks like this.

UD Pencil PSwatch

Swatch of the liner alone.


Swatch of lipstick plus liner. The lipstick is really good, gives off a lot of color pigment. With one swipe across my lips it was almost opaque, with two it looked perfect. The matte comfort finish is more of a satin matte, it is not as matte or drying as a regular matte by MAC, but it is also not quite as long lasting as a MAC matte. Last time I reveiwed the comfort matte I said I wanted to try a different finish, and here I am with yet another comfort matte. Sigh. It’s just I think this finish has the best colors in it, haha. Anyway, the lipstick has a great quality, you know, for a black lipstick. It wears off mostly evenly, but of course it looks sorta grungy when it wears off, as your natural color peeks through. I found the lipstick extremely easy to apply and it was also easy to get the lines crisp with just the bullet. Also, like I already mentioned it got opaque with two swipes.

So, this brings us to the bad part of the review: the liner. I got it to help getting the lines crisp, to help with opacity – which the lipstick absolutely didn’t need, but I didn’t know that! My recommendation is really to just buy the lipstick alone. Because, and you can see it in the swatches quite well, the liner does not create a crisp line. The liner, and that’s really the last thing you need a lip liner to do, freaking bleeds! Evey time I tried to do my mouth with it I looked like a failed attempt at a horror clown! I mean the whole reason I did not use an eye liner was that I expected the eyeliner to smudge, which I thought a waxy lip liner would not do. But it does. Boo!

So, long story short: lipstick yay, liner nay. If you really want to use a pencil with it, you’re better off with MAC’s Chromagraphic in Black Black.


Lip swatch. The edges in the middle of my mouth (cupid’s bow) are made with the lipstick bullet. The corners were done with liner and you can see the smudging. That was not a corner thing, it had happened everywhere but I wiped it off and applied anew in the middle for the sake of the photograph. “Prevents feathering” my ass. I don’t know if this problem only arises with the Perversion color or others, too, as this is my only UD lip liner.

Other than that I found this color to be surprisingly wearable! Real black isn’t all that far off those dark purples anyway. I think more people should wear it, it goes with all skin tones, too.


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