Davidoff Horizon

Davidoff Horizon

Davidoff Horizon2

Davidoff Horizon EdT is the brand’s newest men’s perfume, released this year. The packaging promises ginger, rosemary, cedar and cocoa. Well, that sounds good, doesn’t it? Don’t get too excited. Firstly there is no cocoa to find. None, nada. Neither the chocolatey kind, nor the bitter pure bean. I’m getting the rosemary, and cedar, maybe. Ginger? Hm, maybe the fuzzy, sparkly top note could be ginger.

What I’m getting is this: men’s shower gel. Not the auqatic kind, the sharp wannabe woody kind. I imagine it being sold in a dark green bottle, with a snappy name on it. A man uses it because he thinks of deep lakes and pinewoods and dreams of being a hunk of a woodcutter instead of a city boy. But a woodcutter would never use this sort of shower gel.

The most fascinating thing about Horizon is how they managed to market it as a new fragrance. You have smelled this a thousand times already. There is no reason why out of all the similar smelling men’s products one should choose this one here.


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