MAC Invite Intrigue

MAC Invite Intrigue


Shown up here is MAC lipstick in Invite Intrigue (matte). To be honest I completely lost track of MAC releases so I can’t tell you if this was a limited release or a permanent one, sorry. If it was limited, I’m sure it’ll be back sometime.


2016 is the year I went crazy for this pink/purple color. I bought way too many similar lipsticks, but at least I also wear the hell out of them. I’m so used to it, at some point I thought to myself, today I’ll do a subtle makeup, and while thinking this I was smearing Invite Intrigue on. XD Then I was like, whoops.

So, the lipstick is matte, typical MAC matte. There is no shimmer. The color is intense and it’s either a pink leaning purple or a blue leaning magenta. Let’s see some comparisons:


So here we have Invite Intrigue, Maybelline Magnetic Magenta, which is lighter and pinker. Last is Estee Lauder Stronger, which is slightly darker. Then, as I really wasn’t sure about this, I made a thin line with Stonger atop of Invte Intrigue. They are pretty close, but it seems this depends on the light, because I also made this swatch comparison here:


And here I see more of a difference between Invite Intrigue and Stronger. (And yes the pink one here is Invite Intrigue and not the Maybelline one! I always snap a pic of the lipstick bullet before doing a swatch.)

Anyway, you probably don’t need both Invite Intrigue and Stronger. XD

The quality of the lipstick is great, it holds on really well to the skin. It’s drying though.


Lip swatch.

If you wanted to use a liner with it, I think the MAC Heroine liner works, since it is pinker than the Heroine lipstick.

tl;dr: good lipstick, if not exactly unique.

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