MAC Viva Glam Ariana 2

MAC Viva Glam Ariana 2


I skipped MAC‘s Ariana 1, because the color was so similar to what I already owned, but Viva Glam Ariana 2 (matte) is a total must have for me. It comes in the usual pretty Viva Glam packaging and the color is a light pinkish purple.


Color swatch in the shade. It is a typical MAC matte and contains no shimmer either.


Same swatch in direct sunlight. It’s always clearly purple, but depending on light looks more or less pink.


Time for color comparison! On top, MAC Heroine, the darkest and most purple of the bunch. Next, MAC Invite Intrigue, which is pink, then Estee Lauder Stronger, which is ismilar, but darker and slightly more purple. Then Ariana 2, clearly the lightest color and also much cooler toned than the two above. Ariana 2 is light and has a lot more blue than your usual purple. It ends up looking quite neon.


Lip swatch of Ariana 2. This was taken with my phone on the inside, so the color looks washed out here, sorry. But I think you can still see it’s an intense color.

It’s a typical MAC matte, meaning it’s pretty dry and needs some quality lip balm underneath. But it applies silkily and is really easy to put on. And the wear time is bomb. This phone pic was made after wearing it for five hours and you can see it stayed where it should on the lip lines. This is probably one of the best lipsticks I own, period.

Usually I try to recommend matching lip liners for the readers who want one. It’s a bit hard for this color, as there are no lip liners in exactly this shade and the purple ones (like MAC lip liner Heroine) are too dark and the pink ones can be too intense. The lipstick certainly does not need a lip liner, as it stays nicely where you put it and it is easy to apply non-messily, too. But if you really want one you could either use a colorless lipliner or a flesh tones one. Or, I have found, the lip liner Candy Yum Yum is actually the closest to this color, since it’s also a blue based neon color.

Long story short: great lipstick and a charity item, too! What’s not to love?


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