Guerlain KissKiss Rouge Kiss

Guerlain KissKiss Rouge Kiss

Guerlain kisskiss

People have recommended the Guerlain KissKiss line to me before, but there’s only so many lipsticks I can try at once. So it took a while until I got my hands on one. Pictured up there is the Guerlain KissKiss lipstick in 325 Rouge Kiss, a true red (pic may lean a little blue, this was really hard to photograph).

Guerlain kisskissswatch

Swatch. Rouge Kiss is a true red with a glossy, jelly-like finish. It is not completely opaque, which in my opinion makes wearing it easier. But it’s still an intense red.

Guerlain kisskiss ingr

List of ingredients, click to enlarge. Lots of mango butter in it, but it does not smell of mango. It has a real, old fashioned lipstick smell, the powdery kind that is sometimes imitated in perfumery. So I recommend smelling it once before buying in case you don’t like this. I prefer my lipsticks to be mostly unscented, but this annoys me less than the sweet smell of Guerlain’s LPRN lipstick range.

I found the lipstick easy to apply and needed no lipliner for precise edges. This is good because as much as I personally love using liner, it would ruin the transparent glow of this lipstick. Wear time was pretty good also, for a glossy finish. It gets less glossy and stains the lips some. I got about five hours, but a meal decimates most of it – but it wears off evenly so that’s okay.

Guerlain kisskissscomp

Color comparison. These lipsticks have a different finish, but I was trying to pin down the exact shade of red… Chanel La Malicieuse is lighter and pinker, and to my surprise both L’Oreal and Liya and MAC Ruby Woo are also pinker. Looks like I do not have an exact color dupe. Rouge Kiss might be my truest red, leaning neither blue nor yellow.

So far this is my only KissKiss, but I am afraid it might not stay so. Luckily for me the color range is very traditional, mostly red, pink, coral and I have enough of these colors for the temptation to be small. XD

I recommend these lipsticks for those who can deal with the scent and don’t want completely opaque color – with the color still being very intense.


4 thoughts on “Guerlain KissKiss Rouge Kiss

  1. This is a bit silly but I don’t like any of Guerlain’s lipstick packaging, so that puts me off trying any! I did get a Rouge G once but didn’t care for it – gave it away. This red is very pretty, though! I think I like it the best over the other three you swatched.

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    1. this is not silly at all. The Rouge G are terribly clunky, the LPRN packaging looks cheap and I always hit myself with the Rouge Automatique. The KissKiss in comparison is the best packaging because it’s the most normal. Sadly I forgot to take a proper picture of it. XD


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