Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Blackmail and 1993

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Blackmail and 1993

Urban Decay Vice

This year Urban Decay has released a new lipstick line, the Vice lipsticks. They launched a 100 lipsticks at once. In fact, there are some exclusive colors at Sephora I think, so it’s actually more like 120. I tried two matte ones, 1993 and Blackmail. Both colors were available before in the old lipstick line. There are two matte finishes, comfort matte and mega matte. Both of mine here are comfort matte. I also wish to point out the lipstick bullets, here photographed standing upside down. The top is flat so you can place them upside down without troubles (important for me as I always store my lipsticks like this, so I can read the labels)! And the labels also match the lipstick color, making it even easier to find the color you want. Yes!

Urban Decay Vicelip

Unlike the previous lipstick line, the Vice are more traditionally lipstick shaped. I prefer this shape, this is part of the reason that I haven’t tried them before (the other is that over here they used to be more expensive than MAC, so I stuck with MAC. Except now MAC lippies cost 2 € more than these!)

Urban Decay Vicesw

Swatch time! On top Blackmail, then 1993. Pic taken in the shade.

Urban Decay Viceswliner

Swatch time #2! This time taken in direct sunlight and with additional lip liners. Urban Decay offers their own matching lip liners for some lippies (not sure if for all of them) but when I ordered the lipsticks, the liners were sold out! So instead I used my MAC lip liners and I think they match very well: On top, to go with 1993, is MAC lip liner Whirl, and on bottom, to go with Blackmail, is lip liner Nightmoth. I don’t own the matching Whirl lipstick, but I guess Whirl and 1993 are pretty much dupes and you can use them and their lip liners interchangably.

1993 looks pretty harsh on my very pale wrist, but on my lips it works out. I mean, it is brown not nude, but it’s supposed to be, hence the nineties name. It’s a very trendy color at the moment. It wears well with or without lip liner, I use it either way depending on the look I want to achieve. The pretty much best thing about this lipstick is that it wears off so evenly! I can go out for dinner and not have to worry about looking weird. The color wears off when eating, and I’ll end up with more of a nude color, but it looks good, too.

The comfort matte formula glides on effortlessly and does not feel drying at all. I’m not 100% convinced on the lasting power, though. Both lipsticks only manage about three to four hours max on me. I think I’ll have to try out the mega matte next. In comparison to other brands, these are less matte and dry than MAC mattes. The formula is most similar to the satiny matte lipsticks by YSL and L’Oreal. The matte by Estee Lauder feel similar, but last longer.

I didn’t manage a lip swatch with 1993 (I mostly wear it to work and have to leave in a hurry), but here’s one of Blackmail:

Urban Decay Vice blackmail

I think it’s a really pretty color. Sadly, it wears off visibly on the inside when eating and also sort of… rubs off a little. So this is not for dinner outings, more for when you don’t eat or only put it on for pictures and such.

So overall I think the colors are very pretty and I wear 1993 a lot, the dark one not so much. XD I want to try out the other finishes also, especially cream and mega matte. I actually didn’t want to buy Blackmail, I wanted Perversion, but that one is constantly sold out! I don’t get why not more brands release exciting colors, obviously there is a market here. Recently the new Maybelline ‘loaded bolds’ were released in Austria, but they left out the more outlandish colors like black, blue and grey! UNGH WHY! So I’ll just wait patiently until Perversion is in stock.


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