the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

the Balm Mary-Lou Manizer

balm mary lou

What is it about shiny, shimmery things that make you go “I need this”? Even if you have a dozen highlighters already? XD Anyway, I so needed this: Mary-Lou Manizer by the Balm. You’ve probably heard of it.


This is how it looks like when open. It’s pretty huge, face powder sized. I think the pan is removable and held in place by a magnet? The powder itself is a pale light gold.

balm ml ingredients


balm ml swatch

Swatch. A veil of champagne gold, not too yellow. This goes very well with light skin tone, but I’m sure it’ll work for darker tones as well (in the department of strobing at least). The powder is finely milled and can be blended out, but the shimmer is still quite dense. This isn’t exactly a super subtle highlighter, but it’s not a shining frost mirror either. Also, the amount of highlighting you can get away with in real life is amazing, because makeup muggles don’t peg highlighting as makeup, unless it’s glittery…

Uhm, anyway. Is the Mary-Lou Manizer living up to the hype? For me, totally. It applies like a dream, is pretty strong a highlight and lasts pretty much the whole day, too. Told ya I totally needed this one as well.


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