essence exit to explore: blush and perfume

essence exit to explore: blush and perfume

essence has a lot of collections per year. I usually ignore them, but something about the current one (on sale august and september) caught my eye. The collection name is “exit to explore”.


So I picked up the blush and the perfume. They come in a cute jungle design. The blush is called 01 My heart is beating like a jungle drum (and now for getting that tune out of our heads again!); the perfume is called like a jungle dream. essence has a whole “like a…” line and they are pretty well liked.


The blush goes from a lighter color to a darker pink. The perfume liquid is also light pink.

essence blush sw

Blush swatches: first the light part, then the dark part, last mixed both together. You can see it is pretty powdery and matte. I mostly use it all swirled together. It leaves a pretty light pink flush, leaning a bit coral. At first you don’t even see much when applying to cheeks – however, do not let that fool you. The color needs a moment and then shows up. The first time I overapplied, haha. Blended out it doesn’t look as powdery as up in the swatch. But it is pretty matte and I usually use highlighter on top. The color wears for about five hours, six at most.

essence blush in

Ingredients of blush.

The perfume also wears for about five to six hours. The official website only lists coconut and flowery notes and calls it a fruity floral. It’s certainly a fruity floral. The coconut note isn’t very strong. To be honest I would not have noticed it if I hadn’t checked the official list. I think it’s more coconut water than the lactonic creamy scent we often connect with coconut in our head.

To me the whole thing basically smells like Malibu Beach Barbie. I’m fairly sure I played with a doll that smelled like this when I was little. There’s a very short fresh phase (soft lemon?), then something light and fruity (… lychee?)  then a sort of bubblegum flowery scent. This lasts for maybe an hour, then we get the base. The base is what I would call a Saubär fragrance in German. So basically, clean musks, a laundry conditioner smell.

I’ve actually gotten compliments on this frangrance. When you wear complicated and/or expensive niche scents, nothing. But a 3 € essence perfume – ‘oooh, you smell nice today’. XD

essence perf in

Ingredients of perfume.

Baseline: there’s some cute stuff in this collection – for the little Barbie in you.


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