Chanel Allure EdP

Chanel Allure EdP

Chanel Allure

If you ask me, Allure is what I consider Chanel‘s most ladylike perfume. Forget Nr 5, which is all about chilly glaciers. Allure is cashemere and pearls and elegant lipstick.

This review is for the EdP version of this perfume. The EdT smells noticeably different (but good, too) and there are also a couple of flankers available.

Allure is one of those perfumes where I can barely pick out a single note. It all goes together to form a whole that is more than its parts, really. Allure is a flowery, powdery perfume. To me, it is very much a typical ‘perfume’ smell, but not in a bad way. In a very, very good way, in fact.

I get a teensy bit of citrus in the beginning, but the more sweet variant, not like harsh bergamot on zesty lemon. More sweet mandarin. But that’s extremely short, seconds really, and then the flowers bloom. Sometimes I can pick out jasmin, but mostly it’s just a bouquet. There’s a good helping of vanilla, too. I get no real scent pyramid in the scent after the start. It just stays flowery and powdery until the end, sometimes more this note and sometimes more that note, depending on what I can pick out. The end takes a while to arrive, this perfume is pretty long lasting on me. I get about nine hours of wear on my skin.

I don’t think it projects widely, though. I think sillage is medium to close to the skin. (Don’t quote me on this though, other people might notice it more than I do!)

Allure is very yummy imho, just not in a gourmand way. It’s not modern or hip and not really old enough to be a classic either (released in 1999). But I guess it’s just old enough to smell of elegant lady to me. 🙂

Allure EdP was created by Jacques Polge.


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