Lush/Gorilla Perfume Karma

Lush/Gorilla Perfume Karma

Long time no see! Sorry guys, but the weather was wonderful and so I spent most of my free time swimming (and, okay, catching pokemon).

Today I have a wonderful and interesting perfume for Fragrance Friday: Karma (solid) by Lush.

Lush are mostly known because of their great body products, but they have an amazing range of perfumes, too! All the perfumes are available in liquid and in solid form. While I usually prefer sprays, sometimes having a perfume in solid form is useful, for example when you’re travelling. Also, usually solids have less sillage, so if you want perfume to stay closer to your body, this is a good option.

Karma Solid

So here’s my cute little sample of Karma (solid). It’s a bright orange, waxy substance. You don’t need a whole lot to apply, so this sample has had me testing for months now (not daily, of course).

Lush are the sort of company who list their ingredients on the website, so here they are:

Organic Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis), Castor Oil (Ricinus communis), Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia cerifera), Perfume (Perfume), Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Talc (Talc), Sweet Orange Oil (Citrus sinensis), Lavandin Oil (Lavandula hybrida), Pine Oil (Pinus syvestris), Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon citratus), Elemi Oil (Canarium commune), Cassie Absolute (Acacia farnesiana), *Cinnamal (*Cinnamal), *Citral (*Citral), *Geraniol (*Geraniol), *Citronellol (*Citronellol), *Farnesol (*Farnesol), *Benzyl Benzoate (*Benzyl Benzoate), *Eugenol (*Eugenol), *Benzyl Salicylate (*Benzyl Salicylate), *Limonene (*Limonene), *Linalool (*Linalool), Colour 15510 (Colour 15510)

So, what does this smell like? Well, to me it smells like childhood. You know, I had a phase where I drank lots of Fanta, and I loved walking into these sort of esoteric stores, you know, with the colorful fabrics and lots of incense? Karma smells exactly like that. There’s a swish of orange soda pop, lots of patchouli, but it’s not combined with the usual spices. It is sweet, not the usual cheap fruitchouli sweet, just very good and yummy. And somewhat esoteric.

This solid lasts about five hours, after that I can’t smell much of it anymore.

It’s totally worth a try, don’t let the strong patchouli scare you off. There’s a high chance I’ll buy a full size when I use this up, although I’ll probably reach for the liquid variant. But who knows? I still have quite a bit of this orange ball left and I will roll myself in it, now. 🙂


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