Missoni EdP

Missoni EdP

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In 2015, Missoni has released their new perfume, simply called Missoni EdP. It is being produced by EuroItalia and is the first perfume of this line. To be concise, there has been a whole line of Missoni perfumes in the 80s and 90s of the previous century, but they have all been discontinued and were produced by a different company. In the new EuroItalia line there are two Missoni perfumes so far, EdP (2015) and EdT (2016). Please note these are not interchangeable. The EdT has a completely different set of notes!

This review is for the EdP. I have several samples of that one but no EdT (yet).

The perfumers for this are Quentin Bisch and Givaudan.

Missoni EdP opens with intense sugared fruit salad. There is a bit of lemon in it, but it mostly very sweet fruits. In the beginning it is not so different from all the other berry sugar bombs that are best sellers. However, those often stay completely one note, many hours of high screeching sugar and nothing else. Missoni starts like that, then the flowers come in. There is jasmin combined with some others. I can’t say what, exactly. And then the base starts to shine through. I like the base. It has a good dose of sandalwood.

The perfume lasts for a good six, maybe seven hours. The majority of that is the base, which I am very happy about. I prefer sandalwood over fruit salad. 🙂

I’m not sure if Missoni has a chance to shine among all these fruity florals that dominate the current perfume market, as the perfume is really not all that different or special. But it is still much better than La vie est belle.


One thought on “Missoni EdP

  1. I really am not a huge fan of La Vie est Belle, either. However, you kind of had me here at “sugared fruit salad”! That makes it sound like it’s fresher, and not so cloying like some other fruity florals can be. I look forward to testing this one!


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