Guerlain Shalimar Cologne

Guerlain Shalimar Cologne

Shalimar Cologne EdT

Shalimar Cologne EdT is one of the more recent flankers to Guerlain‘s famous Shalimar. While it is called Cologne, the perfume concentration is Eau de Toilette. Calling a flanker “Cologne” is simply a recent trend in perfumery. Maybe they are too lazy to come up with a new flanker name, idk.

Shalimar Cologne starts with a recognizable bergamot, similar to Eau de Shalimar, another flanker. The real Shalimar has a much stronger opening, but is also a lot harsher. Cologne starts like, yes citrus, fresh. It is immediately followed by the trademark vanilla/flowers accent that I consider to be Shalimar. However, Cologne always stays light. The vanilla never gets as strong as in the original. Personally I really like the scent and think it’s going to be a good alternative to Shalimar for the days you want something lightweight.

However, the lasting power suffers. It’s like they dilluted the perfume so much that it just fizzles out at some point. I get about three hours, then it is still there, but much less.

Shalimar Cologne is perfect for those who want the lovely vanilla, but find the original way too intense. Those who already own Eau de Shalimar,  you don’t really need both (unless you want to, of course). Cologne is lighter than Eau de Shalimar.

Shalimar Cologne was released in 2015. Perfumer is Thierry Wasser.

Do not confuse the flanker Shalimar Cologne EdT (2015) with Shalimar EdC (1937). The latter is not being produced anymore, you might find it in yard sales etc. 🙂



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