All Used Up May 2016

All Used Up May 2016

My list of last month’s empties is very short, only two items:


  1. Declare Hautberuhigungscreme lipidreich: a very rich skin cream, soothing, but extremely thick. Good as a last step in skin care for very cold weather to seal the moisture in. Would not advise using for skin with rosacea. It got a little hot underneath that cream. But otherwise very good.


Ingredients for the skin cream.


2. The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter: The only other item I used up, a big pot of body butter. I bought it for the obnoxious scent, which I love. It oscillates between overly ripe peach and peach candy. Terrible. XD However, the body butter is way too rich for my taste. I keep forgetting that and buying body butter instad of lotion. The butter is so rich it feels suffocating on skin. I can only use it in cool weather and I still feel like it makes me sweat. It does make the skin soft and smooth, though.

Finally I am making way in my stash of body products, yay. I am now allowed to buy body lotion again!!! Not shower gel though. I’ve still got way too much shower gel.

One thought on “All Used Up May 2016

  1. Haha, I have a similar relationship with the Vineyard Peach scent! I should have tried the body butter instead of the body scrub (which has a weird aftersmell) – my dry skin can use even more moisture than the body butter gives me!


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