Prada Candy L’Eau

Prada Candy L’Eau

Prada Candy L'Eau

Candy L’Eau EdT by Prada is a flanker to their best selling sweet perfume Candy. It was released in 2013 and is still available. Like name and coloring suggest, L’Eau is the lighter version of Candy, but not as light as the 2014 flanker Candy Florale. (The 2016 flanker is Candy Kiss, which I haven’t smelled yet. I’m not sure if there was a flanker in 2015, I don’t know of one.)

So while Florale was on the flowery side, L’Eau is still firmly a Candy cotton perfume. I’m not super big on the very sweet ones, the original Candy is too strong for me, but L’Eau is just right. It’s actually one of my favorite sweet perfumes.

At the beginning you get a bit of citrus, but not like in other perfumes where it might be sharp and zesty. No, this one is lemon candy. And from beginning to end you get the caramel note and cotton candy (I think it’s the benzoe?).  There is musk in it, but not a whole lot. To me this is more a sweet than a musky scent.

It lasts for max eight hours on me before it sizzles out. I think that depends on the weather, sometimes it’s less.

Overall I really like it. I have emptied two samples already. It’s such a warm cozy scent. Depending on how sweet you want your perfume, this is one for you or not. I just think Prada Candy L’Eau does sweet very well and elegantly. Unlike, say, La vie est belle. Brr.


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