Jay Z Gold

Jay Z Gold

Now that’s a tag I didn’t think I’d create for this blog:

JayZ Gold

Today I will be reviewing Gold EdT by Jay Z. There’s exactly one reason I wanted to try it: there’s a law suit about it. Short summary: the perfume is being produced by Parlux, who of course had a contract about it. You pay for the star’s name and in turn the star promotes your fragrance and everyone is happy and rich. Except, they claim Jay Z refused to promote the fragrance, and it’s not selling well and so they are losing money. (That’s what they claimed. I don’t know how the thing ended)

So I was intrigued: is it that bad it’s own star refuses to have anything to do with it? 😮

Gold opens a bit harsh and loud. Spices paired with citrus. My mum’s comment when I wore it last sunday for lunch: ‘What IS that stink?’ She may have mistaken it for cleaner or nail polish remover.

Okay, but let’s give Gold a chance. The harsh stuff wears off and it becomes a spicy warm scent. Some vetiver, some pepper, some lavender. Perfectly okay scent.

And the last stage is sweet and warm. Amber, vanilla, something woody and something smoky, but mostly sweet and warm. This stage lasts the longest, about four hours. The whole experience lasts six or seven hours on me. After the first loud stage it is very close to the skin.

My biggest problem with this perfume is that the different parts don’t really go together. It seems a bit disjointed and confused. However, it’s not actually that bad. It’s a perfectly good ‘male’ scent if you want something different than the ubiquitous aquatic drivel. The best thing about it is that since it sells badly – but is still being sold – you should be able to find it at good discounts (with some luck). I think this will be a good summer perfume for me since I like them citrusy, vetivery, ambery for summer. I fully expect to use up all my samples.

Verdict: worth a try if you can get a good deal.


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