Alaia EdP by Azzedine Alaia

Alaia EdP by Azzedine Alaia


Today I am reviewing the first perfume by Azzedine Alaia, named Alaia. The one thing about naming perfumes after your brand is that when you release more it can get incredibly confusing (Narciso Rodriguez, anyone?). But so far, only this one exists. I have the EdP, there’s also an Extrait concentration.

Alaia was released in 2015, perfumer is Marie Salamagne.

The scent is quite spicy. There’s pepper in it, I’m not quite sure what else. Sometimes it smells leathery to me. There are flowers in it, but it does not really feel like a flowery perfume to me. It’s spicy, musky, leathery. The stlye reminds me of the already mentioned Narciso Rodriguez perfumes. They do not smell identical, but depending on wether you like those or not, you will probably also like or dislike this one. The problem with perfumes high in musk content is that not everyone can smell every musc molecule (partial anosmia). I’m not even sure I can smell them all. But what I can smell of them I like a lot. So if you could never get the hype about Narciso Rodriguez, this might be why.

Back to Alaia: To me it feels sort of dry, crisp and severe. Like a sharply cut suit. I think this will make a great office perfume, as it is not sweet and stays close to te body. Muscs also tend to give off a vibe of fresh laundry, which I also get from Alaia. But the pepper keeps it from getting too boring.

Personally, I like it, although I don’t think I’d need a full size. It’s good, but not super duper special. Recommendation for those who like musc with pink pepper. 🙂


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